The New Manchester Gravy Bar Has Released Its Menu And Bloody Hell It's Good

Fancy gravy with that?

Main Gravy

It's made headlines around the world and now the reported Manchester Gravy Bar has released its menu.

Making waves as the most Northern eatery ever, the Northern Quarter venue's website has been updated with a hefty selection of gravy-based favourites - although some believe that the announcement is a stunt.

But this menu is definitely three steps to heaven...

Menu 2

First you choose from these gravy selections:

  • The Classic – the one your mum used to make back in the ‘90s
  • Our Beasto – filled with the “thickest, filthiest, darkest meat”
  • Lost Incan – an onion base made from an “ancient and secretive” recipe
  • Hot Chilli –  a tangy Korean spice flavour it warns is “strictly for the bravest”

Then state if you desire pie, mash of the day, a giant Yorkshire pudding, chips and even a BYO Pie option, “for when no-one else’s pie is good enough".

And that's not all - there's a Gravy CLUB for a fiver a month.

Read it and salivate.


If it is for real, we still don't know where, although the when may be less of a mystery - Gravy Bar tweeted on March 23 that they were opening "next week" - which would make it anytime now.

"Gravy Bar is a deluxe cuisinery in Manchester's Northern Quarter, launching in early 2017," their website reveals.

"It's the first of its kind and our own true homage to the finest part of the Sunday roast: Gravy."

Follow them on Twitter for the latest announcements - and we'll update you when we know more about whether or not it's an actual venue.

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