The Great Manchester Bake Off Is Upon Us!

Here's what happened in Round 1 (just in case you missed it)


Spoiler alert: Dieters avert your glaze! (ahem...gaze.)

This city's sure got one hell of a bun (or two) in its oven. So whether you're a star baker or just a cake-enthusiast, you're not going to want to miss Manchester's own Bake Off Finale.

As part of the Manchester Food and Drink Festival 2016, Albert Square is going to be transformed into a bake-tastic carnival of cake-and-bake-laden stalls to rival Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. 

The first round took place at MilkJam on Sunday to decide who gets through to the Great Manchester Bake Off Final on Sunday October 9th.

I took a little toddle down to grab a slice of the action. A rainbow of goodies and inevitable weight gain awaited me there. But just in case you missed it...

The Manchester Bake Off Finale is free to enter and will take place at 2pm at Albert Square on Sunday 9th October.

Interested? Read more details, the full itinerary and prizes here.

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