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REVIEW: The Foundry Project – “Innovative Menu, Stylish And Completely Delicious”

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The Foundry Project is one of those happy places where you can guarantee a total feeling of relaxation as soon as you walk through the door.

There’s a chilled communal space right at the entrance before you reach the bar area and back restaurant section so you immediately feel at home. And don’t forget to check out the Estrella Damn Tanks on your way past…for research purposes only obviously.

The Foundry Project is an understated masterpiece of a restaurant and dining room set on Thomas Street…

They call it the “happiest place in Manchester” – and it’s easy to see why.

The Foundry is rapidly becoming place of choice of every cocktail-loving, pizza-munching millennial in and around Greater Manc – myself included.

The area, up-and-coming for many years now, has neatly nailed the cool and relaxed, oh-so-chilled vibes while still being smack bang in the city centre.

Personally I could have spent hours and hours here working/enjoying a sociable drink/nosh and felt right at home with whichever mode I was feeling at the time.
The cocktails are made and served with expertise style and flair. And it’s the kind of place that’s perfect to bring someone to impress, safe in the knowledge of quality without it being overbearing and laced with OTT pretension.

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While the food menu isn’t hellish extensive it knows what it is, makes no airs and graces as to being a super fancy cloth table type venue and it benefits from the fact.

The menu is divided into sharer snacks, salads, burgers and pizza as well as a dedicated kids’ menu and dessert options…

From the snacks, among the avocado and sweetcorn tacos I spied the sesame miso wings and was sold.

I’m a sucker for Japanese seasonings and it’s been my dream to visit the country ever since I first fell in love with absolutely everything panko so for the night, this tided me over…

We opted for pizza and burger to share as these seemed to be their speciality and lamb and goat’s cheese sounded interesting – add on the compulsory chilli, coriander and harissa yoghurt and I was putty in that burger’s hands.

The stacks here are sizable, so don’t overdo it on breakfast if you’re planning a boozy lunch!

The meat was juicy, and in my opinion great value and quality but it was the pizzas that really took me by surprise. I wasn’t too sure what to expect but the range of toppings was exciting and creative (the wild sauteed mushroom and truffle with Old Winchester was my absolute favourite but I may be on the biased side because I’m a confessed truffle ADDICT) and if you’re still persisting with that new year diet they offer a half salad option too. I didn’t take it, ya know but I appreciated the thought nonetheless…

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If you’re after picky food – one of my absolute favourites was the gaff’s cheeseburger fries.

Just to repeat – that’s cheeseburger fries.

All I can say is my goodness.

These bad boys give new meaning to the term ‘fully loaded’ – expect beautifully seasoned fries topped with succulent beef patty, melted cheese, burger sauce – aaaalll topped off with gherkins and red onion (just for good measure – getting our five-a-day is very important as you can see.)

20190103 133047

Chilled vibes, great beer, comfortable lighting and a good solid quality venue – a no frills way to spend a lovely evening with friends.

Banging venue, bangin’ food and fabulous drinks.

What more could you ask for?

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