The Filthiest Cheat Meals To Eat In Manchester While You're Hanging Today

The ONLY way to do cheat days


Life is about balance, right? So when it comes to cheat days, you want to make sure you do it right, that means eating only the sexiest, yummiest food in Manchester.

For the whole 24 hours you can indulge in whatever takes your fancy, without any guilt, knowing that come the next day you will be back on the health kick. Here are some of the most delicious meals we could find for you in Manchester restaurants.  

Once In A Life Time Burger + Halloumi Fries + Deep Fried Cookie Dough

 Solita Bar and Grill

The burger consists of  2 x 7 ounce minced steak patties, pulled pork,crispy bacon, shoestring onions, buttermilk  chicken strips, Monterey Jack cheese, house BBQ sauce. If you actually have any room left then the deep fried cookie dough vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce should finish you off.

The Om Nom Nom + Triple Oreo Shake

Black Milk

If you are more of a sweet tooth kinda person then Black Milk has you covered. Check out this ridiculous cereal bowl with Krave, coco rocks and cookie crisp cereal topped with fudge brownies, oreo covered in more chocolate and served with choc milk and whipped cream. The Triple Oreo Shake is also MEGA and they don't call it a freashake for no reason an Oreo milkshake, Oreo Cheesecake and topped by…. you guessed it OREOS! OMFG!

Sweet & Sour Pulled Pork Pizza + Nachos 

Crazy Pedros

A brand new addition to the pizza party at Crazy Pedros, the Sweet & Sour Pulled Pork Pizza. Covered in pork, spring onions, bean sprouts, fresh chillies, prawn crackers. Why not finish it off with some cheesy nachos and a beer.

Donut Have A Cow Burger + Buffalo Ranch Loaded Fries 

V Revolution

Vegan food isnt just super healthy salad and greens! V Revz serves the best vegan junk food in Manchester. Over indulge with thus HUGE vegan burger of x2 'beef' patties, x2 'cheese', 'beacon' and crispy fried onions drizzled in BBQ sauce! We know, its sounds delish and to top it off with these loaded fries, gosh this is making me hungry!

Huge Sunday Roast 

The Wharf

If you wanna keep it tradional and Sunday is your day of choice for a cheat day then what better than a hearty Sunday roast at The Wharf. They offer the best of both worlds with lamb, beef, pork and a mixed roast which will be a combination of above with all the trimmings. 

Breakfast Nachos + Banana & Pecan Pancake Stack

Moose Coffee

Brunch is hugely popular right now and rightly so. The breaky nachos are topped with a rich warm cheese sauce & picante salsa, covered in their own homemade refried beans, avocado, pico de gallo mix and sour cream. If you still have room for room get the pancakes, served with fresh bananas, chocolate hazelnut spread, maple pecans, Canadian maple syrup and butter! 

The Turk + Frazzle Mac n Cheese + Salted Caramel Shake

The ‘Classic’ w/ smoke streaky Bacon, Blue cheese, Sriracha sauce and frazzles

For all the melted cheese lovers Northern Soul will literally save your soul on cheat day. The turk sandwich  will have you drooling with homemade Lamb/Beef Kebob meat Pattie with Turkish Salsa finished with Kebab shop sauce! Wash it all down with a huge salted caramel shake, what an absolute dream.

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