This Is The Best Sandwich in Greater Manchester

Pokusevskis Sandwich

How hard is it to make a good sandwich? 

Given the amount of crap sandwiches in the world, you’d think it was really difficult – even though a sandwich is probably the first meal most of us ever made for ourselves.

But Pokusevski’s in Heaton Moor has cracked the secret of the sambo.

Its selection is so memorable that you’ll long for one next time you’re queuing for a packaged excuse of a sandwich at a train station, bought because you know the ones available on the train are even worse. 

There’s a perfectly made Club (chicken, bacon, tomato, cheddar and mayo), a tasty tuna and cheddar and a couple of veggie options: a grilled halloumi, roasted pepper and pesto or a goat’s cheese, caramelised onion, tomato and rocket. But my absolute favourite is their Iberian take on the classic ham-and-cheese: a mouth-watering grilled chorizo and manchego topped with chilli mayo and served between two slices of focaccia.

A great sandwich maximises flavour, manages sogginess and maintains its structural identity

...But more than anything it should provoke pleasure followed by a mild panic at the inevitability that it’ll all be finished too soon. So you take smaller bites than usual and let the goodness linger just a little longer. This sandwich has perfect balance between the spicy chorizo and the sweet manchego, the chilli mayo an extra touch of flavour. The focaccia bread – dotted with rosemary and drizzled in olive oil – is perfectly toasted so the bite goes from crisp to soft.

Pokuseveski’s also has a much broader menu of Mediterranean-inspired cuisine from tapas to tabbouleh, and the place itself is lovely, but it’s the sandwich that always has me coming back for more.

Unusually for a deli-caf, Pokusevski's is open Monday-Friday 7am-9pm, 8am-8pm on Saturday and 9am-6pm Sunday.

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