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Tesco Is Selling Giant Quality Street Tubs For Next To Nothing

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What does Christmas mean to you?

Is it pigs in blankets?

Brussel Sprout?

Over priced mulled wine at the Christmas markets?

For us, it means sitting around after dinner eating copious amounts of Quality Street chocolate…and then fighting over who gets the last green triangle.

Which is why the news that Tesco has reduced the price of Quality street tubs has made our day.

It’s not just any tub that they have reduced either. They have discounted the GIANT golden tub of foiled chocolate which is now only £5. That’s 871g grams of Quality Street for less than a pint (at most places these days).

This is huge news for anyone who, like us, are getting down to the last pennies of our Christmas budgets

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(Image: Tesco)

Gone are the days of needing to fight over the last Green Triangle…at these prices there will be more than enough going around.

Bring on Christmas Day!

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