A Gin Made From 'Discarded Food Waste' Will Be Available In Tesco This Month

In an attempt to reduce the UK's astronomical food waste bill

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When it comes to new gins, we're always up for trying new things.

We've seen it all over the years: fruity flavours, gin liqueurs, colour changing gin. But this idea is a little different.

Fruit supplier Richard Hocheld has teamed up with Foxhole Spirits to create Hyke Gin, a spirit using discarded supermarket grapes in an attempt to reduce the millions that go to waste every year in the UK.

According to The Guardian, it is estimated that 166m surplus grapes are wasted every year from UK supermarkets.

Hyke gin will go on sale in Tesco this month, the first of its kind to be made from grapes 'grown to be eaten', mixed with botanicals and a neutral grain spirit to create the unique spirit.

Karen Cleave, technical director of Richard Hochfeld, told The Guardian: “The size of the trade means that these fresh grapes … end up as compost, animal feed or in an anaerobic digester.

“Now we’re taking them on a journey which respects the provenance of the grapes.”

Hyke Gin will be sold at £24 for 50cl bottle.

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