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You Can Get A Five-Tier Wedding Cake Made Entirely Out Of Cheese

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If you’re not a sweet-tooth and fancy something a little different for your birthday or wedding, Tesco is now selling a £30 cheese cake – no, not cheesecake, but a cake made entirely out of cheese.

Our prayers have finally been answered!

Image: Tesco

Tesco’s Finest Cheese Celebration Cake has five tiers made out of different cheeses, including: Coastal Cheddar cheese, Red Leicester cheese, Blue Stilton cheese, Wensleydale cheese with dried cranberries and blueberries, and St. Endellion Brie.

Each cheese in the celebration cake was selected by Tesco’s expert cheese graders, so expect plenty of oooo’s and aaaaa’s when you bring it out at parties.

You can order a Cheese Celebration Cake directly from the Tesco website for £30, but note that they will need 6 days notice to deliver.

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