Strongbow Dark Fruit Has Fewer Calories Than An Avocado And We Are Shook

Does this mean a can of Dark Fruit counts as one of our 5 a day?

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In news that has shaken us to the very core - it has been revealed that Strongbow Dark Fruit is less calorific than the health junkies favourite fruit, the Avocado.

I know right - Mind. Blown.

According to the popular diet plan, Slimming World, an avocado is ‘worse’ for you than a can of the purple stuff.

The diet plan promotes a low-fat diet and allows followers to have 15 ‘Syns’ per day. Apparently, an avocado is worth a whopping 14 Syns while a can of Dark Fruit is only 9.5 Syns. Winning!

A whole avocado has around 300 calories while a can of cider contains just 229.

Now, before you reach for the case of cider over the smashed avocado, having less calories does not mean that cider is healthier for you (obviously).

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Avocado has such a high “Syn” rating due to the monounsaturated fats it contains, which actually helps to lower your cholesterol (high cholesterol levels increase your risk of heart disease and stroke).

Cider, on the other hand, offers little to nothing in terms of nutritional value - in fact, it actually full of sugar which as we know can be very detrimental to your health.

So why is an Avocado considered so bad when you’re on the Slimming World Diet plan if it offers nutritional benefits?

Well, according to a Slimming World spokesman who spoke to the Dailymail, “while avocados contain some beneficial nutrients - including healthy fats - they are a high-fat food and an average avocado can contain up to 300 calories, so they make weight loss more difficult.

"Members enjoy between five and 15 Syns a day, and they choose how to use them to suit their lifestyle. So while one day they may prefer to choose avocado, on another day they may prefer a piece of chocolate, a packet of crisps or indeed a cider.

"This means their consumption of high-calorie choices is naturally limited. Instead, our members successfully lose weight by focusing on the filling power of Free Food - without guilt or restriction."

Well, I for one would like to continue to eat both!

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