You Can Now Buy Spreadable Pornstar Martini And OMFG Imagine The Breakfasts In Bed

We're already OBSESSED

Pornstar Spread

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, therefore, shouldn't it be the most enjoyable?


We're pretty happy to discover that Firebox is now selling jars of spreadable Pornstar Martini...

...and oh my effing God.

First spotted by Pretty52, the award-winning boozy preserve is made with passion fruit and 'cheeky' lashings of vodka.

Fans of the cocktail can now enjoy the sweet tangy flavours on a bagel or toast, or as Firebox advise: "Pop the lid off and help yourself to a guilty fingerful of tropical decadence.

Image: Firebox

"Each sinful spoonful contains real ripe passion fruit puree, balanced out with juicy oranges and tart citrus, and straddled by a vicious twist of vodka."

Or if you're in the mood for a bit of Mother's Ruin in the morning, Firebox also sells pots of spreadable gin.


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