Solita Have Cooked Up A Burger Of Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un


Solita Burger

Solita Restaurant Bar and Grill have announced next week's special...and it's taken Manchester somewhat by surprise.

The so-called 'Kim Jong Yum' aka The Seoulita is not for the faint-hearted. 

There's no classic burger patty, but this beast of a burger's main body consists of panko fried chicken breast, kimchi, grilled pineapple and fruity-heated sriracha mayo encased in a brioche bun with lettuce and garnished with an oh-so-sticky bbq pork belly skewer - as if your January diet wasn't in tatters without it.

Other unusual offerings to derail your New Year diet (in case you weren't struggling enough as it is) include Solita's best-selling cheeseburger spring rolls and their pulled-pork sundae (comprising of 14-hour house smoked pulled pork with 60/40 mash.)

See ya there, Manchester!

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