This Place Is Absolute Gold Dust For Gin Fans In Manchester

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Bars in Manchester aren’t exactly hard to come by. With an extensive selection of boozers - both humdrum and luxury - in all areas of GM, our city is home to a plethora of hidden gems. From humble gaffs to cushy, luxurious surroundings, we're absolutely spoilt for choice.

Recently we treated ourselves to a gin cocktail - or two - at Épernay, named after the French commune and home to the Avenue de Champagne, don't ya know.

Hidden away in the Great Northern Tower, the venue here is something really special and the surroundings super glamorous for a special occasion or a big birthday.

Now, the place is well-known for its champagne, offering its signature sweet and savoury champers brunch with freshly cooked croissants, pain au chocolat, danish pastries, french cheese, cold meats, home made quiche and pâté with a side offering of croutons - all served up with champagne, orange juice and tea or coffee. An experience for sure, if you've never done it.

But we reckon its their gin cocktails which are the undiscovered gem at this place (why does nobody ever mention them?!)

The resident signature, the Please. Mrs. Patterson is quite literally an alcoholic jam sandwich and our absolute new favourite thing to drink in this city.

It features Tanqueray No. 10 and Jam Sandwich Shrub all topped off with sparkling soda for good measure.

A close second is their Blue Steel Star Of Bombay featuring the gin namesake, white port, blue curacao, Boker's Bitters and steel aged.

Just take 'em easy, these bad boys are not for the faint-hearted...

You can view their full menu over on the official website here.

Annd if that wasn't enough, we've compiled a handy guide of 10 other places to drink gin in Manchester.

You're welcome - bottoms up ;)

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