A Sausage Dog Café Is Coming To Manchester Next Month


Saus Cafe Manchester

Great news Manchester dog lovers, the popular sausage dog cafe is coming back to Manchester next month.

Saus dog owners and lovers can finally come together to appreciate these gorgeous creatures, dining on some of the best treats for humans and dogs alike.

Image: Pug Cafe

To celebrate the release of The Secret Life of Pets 2, the Dachshund Cafe pop-up is coming on the Sunday 19th May at The Refinery Manchester.

Lovers of pooches who don’t own their own sausage dog are welcome to attend the event as well.

Time slots for sausage dogs are 11.15am or 5.30pm.

Image: Pug Cafe

If you're interested in coming along, send a Booking Request to DachshundOwnerManchester@gmail.com or DachshundLoverManchester@gmail.com.

In the email, include:

1. Full Name
2. Total Dachshunds + Names + Photos (if applicable)
3. Total Humans – include ages of children 16 and under
4. Contact Number
5. Preferred Time Slot

You can find out more information on the pop up here.

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