Ziferblat – A Cross Between Your Nan’s Living Room And Working At Google

Epic co-working spot on Edge Street

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Down on Edge Street, you buzz a little door to get into Ziferblat – and as soon as you walk upstairs away from the hustle and bustle of the Northern Quarter you enter another world. 

The concept will probably be alien to you, but the kind guy at the desk explained that for 6p a minute the place was mine. That included everything from 100MB WIFI, tea and coffee, cakes and biscuits, cereals, books and board games. The list went on, but that was enough for my brain to absorb in one little volley of information. 

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The place is essentially somewhere between a co-working joint and a cafe where you serve yourself, buffet-style. The punters are a mixture of the usual bearded (well the men anyway) creative types hunched over the Macbook Pros trying to change the world and more free-spirited types going analogue and reading books. 

In an age where we are all obsessed by the latest notification on our smartphones it was interesting to see quite a few people actually engaged in meaningful conversation. Shocking, I know. 

Just like with a hotel buffet, you tend to try and pile as much stuff onto your plate as possible, so I wandered back to my table with pretzels, cake, biscuits, some water and a coffee. You soon learn that it isn’t going to get whipped away and take on a more measured style of eating and drinking when here. 

I wouldn’t say it is the very best produce in the world (hard at 6p a minute), but the snacks are tasty and the drinks exactly as you want them (as you make them yourself).

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It’s all about the vibe in here, and they’ve really managed to make it so as you relax when here. There is no looking over your shoulder wondering if you ware taking up too much space. No wondering if you are about to be turfed out for overstaying your welcome as you get in a coffee shop. The large sofas, desks and comfy seating mean you settle down here and relax, which is clearly the intention. 

The 6p a minute is smart marketing, because it soon racks up – I usually spend about £10 here for just over a couple of hours. You’ll often meet like-minded people, and it's a great place to use if you want a change of scenery from the same old boring four walls in the office. Add in weekday classes (yoga, Pilates and so on) and cool rooms you can hire for team or client meetings and it’s a top spot. 

I didn’t have a clue what Ziferblat was when I walked in the door, and wasn’t sure if it made sense as a concept but it does. It's unusual and quirky but that is what makes it such a dreamy place to spend time. A lovely spot.

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