This Hidden Gem Serves What Might Just Be The Best Fresh Sushi In Manchester

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Taking its name from a round Chinese citrus fruit, Yuzu in Manchester’s Chinatown is certainly one of the ripest picks on this city’s food and drink scene. In fact, the small-scale restaurant prides itself on being a top choice of the Michelin Food Guide two years on the trot. 

Specialising in freshly-made dishes from mostly locally-sourced fish, meat and vegetables and a wide range of sake – it’s traditional without being inaccessible and is so full of regulars that you’re lucky if you get seated straight away; I went for a late lunch on a weekday and it was still rammed.

The lunch menu is offered Tuesday – Friday (closed on Mondays) 12-2pm for 7-9 quid a dish depending on your choice – options include Yuzu’s go-to Curry Udon (Udon noodles served in Japanese style soup) Tonkatsu (premium pork loin cooked in breadcrumbs) and the ever-popular Chicken Katsu. All of the above are served with Japanese rice, miso soup and garnish.

My then-lunch buddy was on a low-carb day (carbs are for the weak, he told me – somewhat unconvincingly I might add – before our meal) so he was all about the sashimi (chilled raw fish Japanese-style) consequently we decided to skip the lunch menu and dip our toes into the unknown waters of the a la carte.

And guess what? Zero regrets.

The miso soup was pretty standard, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say I have yet to be wowed by any miso soup, so it’s no discredit to Yuzu in particular. Besides, if I’m going to have tofu I like it fried and crispy on the outside (sometimes you have to sod the health in the name of the taste bud.) 

However, the sashimi platter (Sashimi Mori) was the stand-out dish of our selection (nicely chilled, high-quality fish.) It’s a little on the pricey side at £19.90 if you opt for large (low-carb doesn’t have to mean starvation stations, after all) but this includes fresh scallop, tuna, organic salmon and sweet prawns served with a small side of wasabi and sashimi soy sauce.

If you fancy something hot, filling and of course freshly-made, the Prawn Gyoza is also very tasty (you get 3 per portion and they’re hefty buggers) fried and served with soy and Japanese chilli oil.

Yuzu are open for business Tuesday – Saturday 12-2pm for lunch; 5-10pm for dinner.

You can check out their latest updates over on Facebook and Twitter.

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