When It Comes To Pub Food This Is As Good As It Gets In Manchester

Ticking all the boxes for beer drinkers...

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The chances are you've been on a night out in Albert's Schloss before. We all know that it is a great place to neck a few beers or to push a button and have Prosecco whisked to your table by obliging staff. 

I wanted to test out the food though and see how they fared on that front. There are few places where people can get pissed until late in the evening and then be served decent grub only a few hours later so when I stopped by for lunch my expectations weren't especially high. 

I was expecting run of the mill gastropub style food that wouldn't set the world on fire. I was wrong. 

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A quick glance through the menu showed that the food was loosely based on cuisine from Germany, Czech Republic and the Alpine Region. Bratwursts, snitzels and the sort of fare that works perfectly with large glasses of beer. Hard to argue with that approach. 

My snitzel was part of a lunch time deal that came with chips and a glass of beer for a tenner. Hard to knock that value. The meat was a tad thicker than I'd want in a snitzel but the roasted lemon and sauces that came with it coupled with the crunchy breadcrumbs made it an absolute delight of a dish. World class. 

Throw in chips that were so perfectly crispy you'd be at risk of cutting your gums as well as an ice cold beer and I was one happy little chap. 

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They also happen to do an amazing brunch as you can see from the photos and their new Sunday roast is the stuff of dreams. A huge steaming platter of meat with all the trimmings. I'll certainly be back for that.

It would have been so easy for them to just throw up some standard pub grub in here and focus on making money when the place is packed full of beer guzzling hoards late at night. That's what most bars do. As with everything in Albert's Schloss though, the focus with the food is on pure quality. 

If anything, the place deserves to be way busier at lunch and not just in the evenings. The food is so good I'll be coming back here even when I'm not drinking beer and that is really saying something. 

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