Carnival Feel, Great Hot Sauce And Succulent Chicken At This Northern Quarter Gem

Everything you'd want from a proper Caribbean restaurant

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When you walk into Turtle Bay on Oldham Street you quickly feel as if you have been popped into a time machine and are walking around a Caribbean island. 

The music is pumping, the rum flowing and the décor features lots of colours, little cabanas and steel drums on the walls. I've never walked into a restaurant and had such an urge to have a cocktail as I have here. 

It might be wet and miserable outside on this August night in the Northern Quarter, but for all intents and purposes I could have been in Antigua or Barbados.

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Just like a rising number of restaurants Turtle Bay is part of a chain. They have over 20 of them dotted around England with many in Northern towns. 

This is an example of a chain restaurant done well though. You get all the benefits of branding, cost reduction, good service and top food but it retains its own unique identity and uniqueness. 

As I sat looking around the vast majority of people eating here were large groups of women. They all seemed to be sipping cocktails and eating large chicken salads. The perfect treat without going totally overboard and pigging out I guess. 

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My chicken was expertly cooked with a medium sauce on it. I didn't want to go too spicy, because I could see the amazing imported hot sauces that dotted the tables. Each mouthful brought me back to the Caribbean and the portion was so huge I couldn't even come close to finishing it.

Turtle Bay is the sort of place you come to have a night out. To drink some cocktails and eat big portions of wonderfully tasty food. My bill including a sneaky slice of cheese cake and a coffee was still less than £15, which is a bargain if you ask me.

Top spot well worth checking out.

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