Wicked Coffee, Bacon Sarnies And A Perfect Place To Work In The Northern Quarter

An Icelandic gem

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There are two main types of coffee shops.

The first is the functional chain type which works pretty much like a petrol station, where you go in and quickly get a refill of your caffeine reserves and quickly move on with the day ahead. 

The second is a place where you’d like to spend a little time, maybe eat some food, read a magazine and do a little work if you're in the mood.

Takk most definitely fits into the latter category – calling itself an Icelandic cafe (in fairness to them they’ve been on the Icelandic bandwagon long before the beardy lads captured/broke our hearts at the Euros), offering great wifi, lots of open space and a chilled out vibe. 

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The place is kitted out with ample power sockets and large benches that make it perfect for spending a few hours doing some work.

You’d even say they encourage it here because you can’t look in any direction without seeing a shiny macbook air or iPad with creative types huddled around it, working on what must be world- or day-changing projects.

I had a bacon sarnie which came with something called avocado butter – a term I'd never heard before, and it sure did look like regular smashed avocado to me, but I guess giving it a fancy name maybe helped justify the £5 price tag.

Mind you, the excellent crispy bacon and the offer of red or brown sauce made it all worth it though. 

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The place prides itself on its coffee and you’d have to say it is fully justified in doing so.

The counter is dotted with all the paraphernalia you’d expect in a high end coffee joint including Chemex, Aeropress and beans ground fresh. 

As an added bonus they have the perfect antidote to the digital world we live in – and, indeed, the one they so actively encourage – with hundreds of great magazines to read. National Geographic? Monocle? Yes please.

All in all a wonderful little spot to get lost in for a few hours and enjoy really superb coffee in Takk.

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