This Salford Food Truck Will Have You Feeling Like A Million Dollars In No Time

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The world seems to be getting taken over by people obsessed with fitness and healthy eating.

Walk down any street at lunchtime and you’ll see people clutching their salad bowls and gluten-free options as if they're warding off lardy vampires.

Fast forward to the evenings and suburban streets are full of joggers, people carrying yoga mats or limping home slowly after a HIIT session. Gone are the days where only having a the one pint instead of six after work was deemed as healthy living.

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Tapping right into that trend is Cowherds, which is a food truck with a permanent home just over the river from the Arndale centre, specialising in juices and clean eating.

The first positive sign is the staff behind the counter. They all fit the 'buff' fitness persona to perfection, and in fact the chat I overheard as I walked up was about lunges, reps and protein.

Now I’m not that into fitness but I do like eating the odd insanely healthy meal to help balance out the burgers, pizzas and curries that the day job forces upon me.

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I was expecting a full menu of dishes but there was only one hot special: a curry with sweet potato, carrots, coriander and cauliflower rice.

In a way I was delighted that the choice anxiety had been taken away from me, and I love places that have confidence in doing one thing and doing it well. The good news for regulars is that the hot dish changes daily and depends on what they get in the markets. 

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The dish was bright, delicious, fragrant and the portion huge.

As a serious meat eater I didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything either and left stuffed. Along with a freshly made juice (500ml carrot and ginger) the whole thing came to £9.50 which was seriously good value given I was getting a full meal – and given how much good I was putting into my body.

There are of, course, cheaper lunches around this part of town but if your own health isn’t worth spending a little extra on I don’t know what is! 

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You couldn’t afford to eat here every day but I found it a great way to start the week and clear some of the shite out of the body from the weekend excesses.

The lads running it are super-friendly and the clientele loyal in looking for their clean eating fix ahead of going down and running 20k or whatever it is they do to all look so good.

Give it a whirl, because if you don’t like the vegan food here you’ll never like vegan food. Top notch.

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