This Is Unquestionably The Manchester Pub With The Biggest Personality

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The Great British pub is one of our nation’s greatest treasures. On a daily basis people all over the country pour into its watering holes to revel in their glory, coming together to socialise, wine and dine throughout the evening.

Be it watered-down lagers or artisan craft ales, bread and butter or lobster and fizz, Britain’s pubs have got the answer to each and every individual punter’s demands. But everyone has their own personal preferences on the many public houses Manchester has to offer...

Personally, I’ve always found that the raw charm of a pub stems from its character which can reveal an innate beauty perhaps not immediately obvious.

It could be argued that in this case, beauty's in the eye of the beholder. But as far as character’s concerned, I’ve only got eyes for one establishment.

That's why in my humble opinion, Manchester’s pub with the biggest, boldest character can be found in the beating heart of Withington, tucked just behind the Sainsbury’s local:

The Orion.


Now granted, very rarely are two pubs exactly the same, and although I’ve found many veins of Manchester pubs to surge with their own unique character, I’ve never come across a pub quite like this one. 

The public house seems to epitomise South Manchester’s culture, with a loyal collective of locals and die-hard City fans, it’s run by a solid crew of staff who strive to meet every individual’s demands, making sure everybody is having the best time possible.

Having recently undergone a fresh refurbishment, The Orion now has its walls and huge beer garden draped in City blues, proudly sporting its team colours.

If you’re a City fan living in the Southside there can only be one place to catch the game with your fellow fans...

On one of The Orion’s many Sky sports-hosting screens, they frequently air several games simultaneously (indoors and outdoors) accommodating every punter’s football passion. Except perhaps for United fans...


And unlike the quaint-yet-overpriced pubs you find in the South - The Orion’s star-studded line up of unbelievably well-priced beverages means you can guarantee that this is a pub that'll leave a long-lasting impression on both you and your wallet. 

With pints costing little more than two pounds a pop and lime sodas coming in at around 38p (for the big rollers) everybody is well catered for.


The Orion is a second home to some of the city's largest personalities who tend be at the core of the activities the pub team offer.

The quiz night defines the Great British pub quiz. Teams of regulars go head-to-head to win a colossal batch of prizes (alcoholic of course.)

New teams are welcomed with open arms. But be warned, the questions are tough and the prizes are highly sought-after so make sure you’ve done your homework!

Then, to see in the weekend The Orion hosts a karaoke spectacular where punters jump on the mic to flaunt their vocal prowess (or not, as the case may be...)

One voice regularly resounds throughout the venue with uncanny Marvin Gaye magnitude (you know who you are.)

Orion Space

Top it all off with an eclectic evening soundtrack that often remains loyal to Manchester’s musical heritage, an old school jukebox gives people free reign to take sonic control of the building. 

And in recent months, new additions have been flying into The Orion family - including a table football and an immensely popular Ping Pong contraption, and they don’t cost a penny to use!

And there's always somebody willing to challenge your tactics on the pitch or your paddle dexterity. 

The atmosphere of tournaments and friendly banter can be heard and felt in the beer garden on a regular basis and believe me, there is some serious talent down there.


The Orion is rapidly on the rise as one of Manchester’s best up-and-coming pubs. 

Built on the foundations of it’s charm, character and years of history, this place is one I'll keep going back to for years to come.

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