This Is The Best "Cheat Day Treat" I've Ever Had In Manchester

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When I think of doughnuts the first thing that pops into my head are large American franchises or cops sitting around waiting to go on a sting. 

You don't tend to think of them as something that would be served in small independents freshly cooked and glazed in front of you but that is exactly what is happening in the wonderful Siop Shop in the Northern Quarter.

The businesses is still relatively new having sprung up from their previous home in a kitchen the basement of Common where they baked and supplied others under the name Blawd.

I popped in on a Sunday morning having already devoured a brunch feast over in Mackie Mayor but still fancying something sweet. It was a tough choice between the Crème brûlée (it looked divine) and the more classic vanilla but if somewhere is going to make their name on doughnuts alone I though I'd better try the classic...

It was absolutely mouthwatering. Packed full of rich luscious and freshly made creme patissiere laced with fresh vanilla seeds. No corners have been cut here. 

The dough as light and fluffy and the dusted sugar poured all over me as I tried to wedge as much of it into my mouth in one go as possible. 

It was one of those foodie experiences that you wished never ended. Every mouthful got better and better as I washed it down with a wonderfully complimentary latte. 

Punters were pouring in off the streets who were clearly in the know about the doughnuts because they were flying out the door of what is otherwise a fairly quiet side street in the Northern Quarter. 

The thing about these as a cheat meal or a treat is that they are so good one nearly isn't enough. I'd have happily gone for a second but then again knowing they are deep fried carbs, stuffed with cream and laced with sugar your conscience does tend to get the better of you.

Sweet treats come in all shapes and sizes in this city but you'll struggle to find any better than these. 

I know many people write off doughnuts as being sickly or "too much" and I can see why with some of the muck that the big chains serve up. The experience here on Tib Street in the wonderfully quirky and independent Siop Shop is completely different though. As good a cheat meal as you'll ever have.

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