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It just doesn't get any better than this

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Most people still drink their coffee from petrol stations, international chains or by making it themselves.

And that’s perfectly good, most of the time, for most people – but sometimes you want the very best of the best; the José or Pep of the coffee world.

A coffee so good you could remember the taste months later, and sit in the office day dreaming of the moments of escape and sheer ecstasy it provided you with. 

Well the place to get that cup of coffee in Manchester is Pavé coffee.

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It’s a big call in a city that has such a vibrant and eclectic coffee scene, but for me, if I could only have a coffee from one place for the rest of my life, I’d have to say this tiny little spot would be it. 

Pavé is on James Street Square and you could just about swing a cat in it. Although why you'd want to do that is beyond us. It would be a close-run thing, but after sizing up the dimensions we reckon with a tight grip on the tail you’d manage it.

Luckily in sunny times there is room for about 12 people to sit outside; in colder times you can perch on one of six stools, but this is very much a place to grab a coffee on the go as many of the local business folk tend to do during the week. 

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What makes the coffee so good here is the love and attention to detail that goes into every single cup. The owner works the machine himself the vast majority of the time and watching the coffee being made is like watching a nuclear physicist busy at work. 

And another factor – interestingly – is the lack of food.

Sure there are a few cakes and biscuits but unlike most coffee joints which have diversified into food (usually various avocado dishes) the focus here is very much on the dark beautiful caffeinated nectar. 

For the true experience I’d suggest going with an espresso and a longer drink so as you can get a double hit of their wonderful drinks; a sort of tasting menu for the coffee world.

My Cortado and Espresso were the perfect balance of light creamy tasting milky coffee and a dark, sharp pungent shot that you could feel instantly seeping into your veins. 

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They use Square Mile coffee in here as well as offering some guest roasts which are best enjoyed as a pour over coffee. 

I appreciate that coffee is a very subjective topic and that for many a Venti in Starbucks or piping hot instant drink might be their tipple of choice – and plenty will disagree with me and offer their own choices in the comments.

That's absolutely fine, because the world is about opinion and choice, but for me and the coffee I’d ask to be served if I was having a last meal on death row… it would have to come from Pavé coffee

Simply Incredible.

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