This Italian Restaurant Will Make You Fall In Love With Pizza All Over Again

Simple, rustic and absolutely perfect

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Lots of food can be very subjective in terms of what people like and don't like. But one thing that is pretty simple at core level and which there can't be much argument about is pizza. All you need is good dough, tomato sauce and cheese. Yet it is amazing how many places can still fuck it up. 

One place that gets pizza absolutely right in the city and which in my opinion is the best I've tasted around these parts is Rudy's Pizza in Ancoats

The room is super stripped back but always buzzing. You'll struggle to get a table at any time so do make sure to plan ahead so as not to be disappointed. 

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I was eating here at lunch time and the first good sign was that the chefs were multitasking between making our pizzas and preparing fresh dough for future service (in plain view in the open kitchen too - got to be a confidence builder!)

Big trays of fresh dough were rising and being knocked back by a team of talented pizzaiolos - clearly expecting the masses to descend.

I could tell from the smell of the place (good pizza restaurants always smell amazing) - the fresh dough, the blasting oven and the room full of happy customers that this was the real deal. On these rare occasions when I know the food is going to be amazing I default to a simple margarita with buffalo mozzarella. A little prosciutto was all the meat I needed on this. Why complicate matters with 30 toppings when you can make something super simple and tasty?

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The bill came to just under £25 for two pizzas and two cokes with a coffee each as well. Super value. 

Picking a place and saying it is hands down the best in the city often gets people up in arms as they push their own favourites forward wondering why they have been ignored. I'm going out on a limb here though because although Manchester has lots of great pizza joints, this one is the best. Taste it and I think you'll agree.

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