This Garden Kitchen In Manchester Serves Up A Menu And Cocktails Full Of Adventure

Malaysian Curry with Banana Doughnuts to follow

The Botanist

Following a huge growth in the lifestyle choice to become vegan, popular restaurant and bar The Botanist have launched a brand new vegan menu.

The Botanist have embraced the idea of all-year round good vegan cuisine after seeing the popularity of Veganuary. And with more people than ever before switching up their eating habits to vegan, it seemed the right thing to do to launch its new vegan menu.

Featuring handcrafted dishes free from meat, eggs and dairy, they are taking customers from Veganuary to Veganually.

The menu options have been based on valuable customer feedback, where culinary experts have developed a vibrant selection of vegan and dairy free dishes to fuse into the current menu.

Although there aren't too many choices (potentially around 4 you could chose for mains) you'll find delicious favourites in the form of deli sharers, starters, rotisserie, burgers and salad choices. 

The 'Nibble' offerings are fairly impressive, with baked kale crisps, charred edamame beans and nocellara olives making an appearance. Each one has the extra effort of seasoning and spices added to really flavour them up. 

Trust us - none of these had any blandness whatsoever, just interesting flavours and aromas added through oils and spices. 

You'll find curried houmous, Tempura-fried cauliflower, tenderstem broccoli and kale Manchurian, and courgette, kale and potato soup amongst the vegan starters, which span a number of different options. 

There doesn't appear to be a deli board which is 100% suitable for vegans, but perhaps you can swap and switch a few items at the chefs request. The 'Chilled Favourites' board contained the olives, the houmous, a spicy green salad and saffron and almond Israeli couscous, but would picking around coronation chicken and buttermilk coleslaw.

As for the main meal options, we picked out the following which could be enjoyed by vegans: 

Houmous, roast sweet potato and sun-dried tomato flatbread, a roast sweet potato quinoa salad, a harissa aubergine steak (served with saffron and almond Israeli couscous, grilled baby gem and tahini dressing), a Malaysian vegetable curry served with coconut rice and the falafel burger with spiced onions, harissa jam, vine tomato, rocket and tahini dressing.

It's usually quite interesting to see what desserts get rustled up under a vegan menu, and we managed to spy two key choices. 

Firstly, the bitter chocolate and roasted pineapple pot with raspberry sorbet was rather interesting, as the 'chocolate' sauce layered up in the jar tasted incredible. Slightly bitter, but sweet and chocolatey, muddled with fresh roasted pineapple. The raspberry sorbet was the perfect topping - light, fluffy and creamy. 

However, the homemade banana doughnuts with salted caramel sauce and peanut milkshake was the winner here. The doughnuts were a less sweetened version of 'standard' doughnuts, filled with soft, doughy banana and melted in the mouth.

The peanut milkshake was slightly unusual, but again was a less sickly version of a creamy milkshake. It tasted quite like a nutty yoghurt, but either way worked deliciously well with the doughnuts. 

Overall, if you're taking on a Vegan diet, The Botanist has a number of offerings definitely worth trying out. All at reasonable prices too (a main will set you back around £11, and desserts at £5.75).

Bon appetite! 

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