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This Is The Best Meal I've Had In Two Years Of Writing For Lovin Manchester

And it didn't even have a topping

It's been 2 years since my first ever review for Lovin Manchester, and I've had some cracking meals in that time. From vegan cafes through to beef burgers made of actual gold and pretty much everything in between. 

It seems like Manchester has been totally reborn over the last few years - with the addition of world-class foodie havens like the Mackie Mayor bringing us on leaps and bounds in terms of diversity and offering - and the food culture that we have here now is starting to become as diverse as any other major global city.

And Rudy's Neapolitan Pizza is exactly the kind of place that's leading the foodie charge in this city.

No matter what all our individual food tastes are there is one thing that most of us can agree on and that is the fact that pizza is the Mother and when you find not just a good but a great one - that's the good life right there.

The new branch on Peter Street has only been open for a few weeks but you'd think they'd been open for years.

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When you walk into the place it is comfortably casual with no unnecessary airs and graces, buzzing, friendly and has zero pretences. And the first big box is ticked when you see the wood-fired pizza ovens. 

We had a little wait to actually order but considering how jam-packed the place was I was pleasantly surprised at how fast the food came out once we had - the staff are charming and make you feel at ease, reassuring you your orders are on the way with a cheeky wink. 

And that's to take nothing at all from its freshness. We were looking hungrily around us as we waited at all the steaming pizzas being delivered to all the happy, relaxed faces in the room.

So when ours came we all but dived into them. Crusty, charred-in-places dough - we're talking the proper stuff here because these guys certainly don't mess about. With just four, pure ingredients (flour, water, salt and yeast) you wouldn't believe it could be so tasty but taste it has in abundance.

Rudy's dough is made on-site twice a day, double fermented for a minimum of 20 hours at room temperature and hand-stretched the Neapolitan way and cooked once for 60 seconds.

If you haven't been here - you need to grab a friend, parent, dog, anything - and get your arse down here before the queues get too big. I usually think when a place is hyped up so much it's always going to be disappointing the day you actually get there but it couldn't have been further from the truth with Rudy's.

The dough was gloriously soft and floppy and light in the middle - topped with the sweetest, juiciest-tasting san marzano tomatoes and fior di latte mozzarella.

Everything about it was beautiful. A true taste of heaven in pizza form.

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I opted for the Marinara - simply tomato, garlic, oregano, basil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil - to keep it the purest and simplest it could be to really get a flavour of the dough and this place at its rawest.

I was glad I did - but the veggie pizzas and spicy sausage also looked incredible...

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I'll be back again and again to sample each and every one of these, I'm sure.

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