REVIEW: Manchester Now Has Its Very Own Slice Of Paradise In A Secret Garden

With the strongest rum cocktails around...

Marigot Bay Cafe

I want you to take a minute and imagine yourself sat on a beach in the Caribbean, with the sound of the ocean tide pulling the waves out...and back in.

Imagine tall palm trees, with their giant leaves hustling in the wind and the warmth of the sun's rays beaming on to the back of your neck.

Then I want you to picture a cosy little bar cafe just perched on the corner of the beach, ready and waiting to serve you a chilled island beer, tropical cocktail or the finest Caribbean coffee you've ever tasted.

Now open your eyes, because whilst you might feel like you're chillin' in the tropicana, but you're actually sat in Marigot Bay Bar and Cafe - in Altrincham.

Marigot Bay Cafe

Hidden away in a beautiful little sun trap in Altrincham is the Cheshire town's latest addition is a relaxing Caribbean bar and café, inspired by Marigot Bay of St Lucia.


When we went to visit the new opening, we were spoilt with glorious weather but all it did was confirm exactly where I'll be heading to enjoy some sunshine and cocktails - it was stunning.

But not in a 'oo-er' type of way, just the perfect casual spot to sip on your favourite drink with your besties.

Dave Marsland of Drinks Enthusiast Ltd has built this little beauty on his travels to the Caribbean, including Marigot Bay itself and the result is just our cup of tea (rum).

The creation has been built on pure authentic experiences of the St Lucia Bay in the Caribbean, with the walls completely kitted out with memorabilia only picked up from Dave’s adventures.

Not to mention the walls of the toilets (toilets are always an important part of any public space obvs) are completely plastered with holiday ads of the island - trust me, it's cool.

Marigot Bay Bar Altrincham

The cafe is open from Wednesday to Sunday and focuses on Caribbean origins, including a selection of beers such as Banks of Barbados and Carib of Trinidad and Tobago.

Their coffee is sourced from the famous Blue Mountain region of Jamaica and a selection of rum and rhums from across the Caribbean islands, including Chairman’s Reserve of St Lucia, Foursquare of Barbados, Appleton Estate of Jamaica, Havana Club of Cuba and Rhum Clément of Martinique.

Marigot Bar Cafe Drinks

We were served some of Dave's favourites; Mai Thai - a Vic Bergeron creation from 1944, utilising St lucian Chairman's Reserve Original and Spiced.

Cuban Mojito - another tip-of-the-hat to Meimi Sanchez, Global Brand Ambassador of Havanna Club, who inspires all to go 'Cuban' when having your mojito, replacing soda with sparkling water for a fresher experience.

Guinness West Indies Porter - a Guinness with a Caribbean twist.

And boy did they taste gurrrddddd.

What I love about this place is the atmosphere Dave has created with his attention to detail - low ambient and traditional Caribbean radio, as well as a focus on traditional drink serves and attentive table service.

So if the sun comes out this week and you're wondering where you can make the most of it, Marigot Bay Bar Cafe is the place to be.

We'll see you there.

Image credits: Instagram/Marigot Bay Bar Cafe

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