No Bullshit. Just Good Honest Food, Beer And Tunes In This Northern Quarter Venue

All of the quality with less of the fuss

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Eating out can be such a huge palava sometimes especially during the week when it can be hard to face all the formality of it all. The dressing up, booking a table, looking at menus and the other hundred small tasks that make up going out for a meal. Sometimes all you want is some good food, chats with a friend and a couple of beers. 

Well if that is the case I've got just the place for you...Soup Kitchen on Spear Street ticks all the boxes. It's a mixture between a comedy and music venue, a canteen, craft beer pub and your old canteen at school. It shouldn't work but it does and sitting here having a pint after work with some of their jerk chicken is one of life's great pleasures.

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The school canteen feeling comes from the long tables and benches along with a self-service food offering with all the grub under the hot lights. Luckily rather than the spotted dick and shitty cold chips you used to get in school you are confronted with the sight of goat curry, fish stews and the most wonderful tasty and succulent jerk chicken with perfectly crunchy coleslaw. 

The prices are seriously reasonable with a plate of properly cooked food costing about seven quid. The portions are large and along with a huge selection of craft beers (some change weekly) flavour certainly won't be lacking when you come here. 

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The room really starts to come alive at about 5 as people trickle in from work. It's not that people don't dress up coming here but the pressure to just isn't there. Groups of friends chatting and ordering food and pints after a long day in the office makes the room start to buzz instantly as the stress of the day job slowly ebbs away. 

There are no pretentions here. Nobody looks down on you. Nobody is looking for world class waiting service or somebody to wipe the crumbs from your table. With no menus you can simply go and point at what you'd like to eat and then choose a nice beer to wash it down with. 

Soup kitchen goes late into the night with a grungy music venue downstairs and all sorts of acts performing. For me however it works best for the after work pint or even while working on your laptop there during the day. It's the sort of place that screams "Manchester" and highlights absolutely everything that is so wonderful about this city. 

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