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In A Secret Vault Underneath King Street Is Where You'll Find This Genius Pasta Maker

"It's like something out of Beauty and the Beast"

Italian food is something that Manchester as a city certainly isn't wanting for.

From Sugo and San Carlo's to Gino D'Acampo's and aaallll the shopping centre chains among which include the likes of Zizzi, Pizza Express and Gusto - the competition is fierce and seems to be growing by the day.

I love pasta - and I've had a lot of it in my time so wasn't expecting to be particularly bowled over when I stepped into Jamie's Italian on King Street.

But bowled over I was, and it wasn't anything to do the food - at least not initially.

'The King of King Street'

Set in the heart of the city, Jamie's Italian restaurant in Manchester occupies a magnificent grade II listed building dubbed the 'King of King Street'. And it's not hard to see why - with its enormous windows and stately pillars - the venue alone deserves your attention because it is nothing short of stunning.

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With 240 covers on the ground floor and mezzanine of this old bank, most of the original features and fittings remain, making it the perfect spot for a really unique dining experience.

Truly one of the most sensational venues in the city...

If you’re looking for something a little bit different, the restaurant has several unique private dining rooms for up to 18 guests, including the famous bank vault.

The bank vault can be booked for between 12-20 people and even includes a 'bring your own tunes' option - so you can enjoy your favourite music with a group of friends while dining in one of the most spectacular venues in this city...

Jamie's boasts a large selection of fresh, light and flavoursome dishes that are perfect if you want a treat but don't want to completely derail your summer diet.

A group of four of us shared the starter 'plank' which included prosciutto, tuscan fennel salami, and the most sumptuous schiacciata piccante & mortadella with pâté crostini, baby buffalo mozzarella, pecorino Sardo & chilli jam, fresh rosemary focaccia, olives & pickles. It was a taste triumph and allowed you to have a little taste of everything without being too overloaded for the main.

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Sat there crostini in hand with a glass of sparkling water (in a wine glass, because I'm classy like that) I felt like I was on holiday in Italy - and in true Italian style - the focus here is all on flavour and freshness. The pesto was fresh as can be and the charcoaled cauliflower side made a gloriously tasty alternative to meat.

For my main I chose the white asparagus and ricotta ravioli. I'm not usually a diehard fan of ravioli and tend to find it a little bland but after having watched all of the pasta made fresh in front of me I simply couldn't resist. Drizzled with the lemon and herb butter and sprinkled with parmesan and pea shoots - it had a delicate flavour and such a rich moreishness that I would happily eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day of the week.

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Recommended to us by our lovely waitress, the new addition to the dessert menu - the semifredo - was quite literally the best dessert I've ever eaten and complimented the summer weather perfectly, especially when you don't fancy a heavy pud after all that pasta.

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For those for whom chocolate = life however, it is an easy choice.

The famous molten praline pudding completely hit the spot, served with home-made vanilla gelato and a rich chocolate sauce, it is heaven for the senses and I have been daydreaming about it ever since...

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The venue is stand-out but the dishes we had on the day matched it two-fold and I'll definitely be back again.

If you want a place that's sure to impress where you know you can rely on the food in terms of freshness and quality Jamie's is the place to go.

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