Elegant Italian Brunch To Die For In The Most Luxurious Of Settings

Perfect for a Sunday treat

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Walking in the front door, you’d never know that Café Grande Piccolino was part of a chain. One thing that helps with the illusion is the fact that the place has just had a £1.3 million makeover – and it shows as you walk around the beautiful room. 

Graceful Italian staff shuttle between the tables shouting buon giorno at you as you're whisked to your table. I nearly asked for a gelato from the counter but given that it was 9.30 in the morning, I thought better of it and promised to come back for one on a sunny day. 

With a pizza chef tossing dough in the window and large hunks of salumi hanging from the roof you’d be forgiven for pigeon-holing this as more of a lunch or dinner spot but I was here to try out their breakfast and brunch offering.

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Now there is little doubt that brunch is the best meal of the week (big portions and cocktails help) it can be very hard to find a really good one that isn't just all fur coat and no knickers.

One of my favourite (and, indeed, judging by menus around the city everyone else) dishes is a good eggs Benedict or eggs with smoked salmon and Hollandaise. I’ve sort of gone off the dish in recent times times because I’ve had so many big gloopy messes of dishes, but I ventured back for the old classic here. 

It was absolute perfection. Big, tasty smoked salmon slices (with none of the yucky brown bits), perfectly cooked free range eggs, two perfect muffins and all topped with the most perfect Hollandaise sauce. The key to this dish and what they’d nailed in here was the portion size. It wasn’t too big – and certainly wasn’t swimming in sauce – which made it a wonderful eat. 

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Café Grande also has a big focus on juice, so I treated myself to a detox special. It was absolutely delicious and tasted so good I wondered if it could actually be good for me? I suppose it would want to be given it cost a fiver but I tend to not get that annoyed about price when I’m putting that much goodness into my body. 

At first glance you’d think this is a pricey spot only for special occasions but, along with a coffee, my little morning feast came to a very reasonable £15. Yeah, you'd get it cheaper elsewhere – but the quality of the ingredients, the friendly staff and the wold-class dining room make this a great dining experience. Throw in free newspapers, the central locations and big windows allowing a summer breeze in as I people-watched and I was one content little chap. 

A lovely place to take people visiting the city, have a business meeting or just treat yourself. The new Cafe Grande Piccolino is a gem in the heart of the city.

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