Eating Eggs And Drinking Coffee Here Is What Heaven On Earth Feels Like

This Manchester cafe ticks all the boxes

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The really good food and drink experiences come when you least expect them. I'm thinking food served on the street. Pizza in a bar with friends or that up-and-coming restaurant on the wrong side of town. The higher the expectations you have about a place and the more buzz and marketing hype around a venue the less likely you are to have a a wonderful experience.

North Tea Power isn't new and has already built up a loyal following. I've often had their excellent coffee but when running late for a meeting and having missed breakfast I decided to sample their food offering. 

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The first pleasant surprise was the food menu. Short. Concise and with a few gorgeous options. Nothing puts me off more than the current trend for breakfast menus longer than your arm and about 3 foot wide. Keep things simple and do it well and I'm happy.

And boy do they do it well in here. The coffee as I already mentioned is superb, among the best in the city. As their name would also suggest they do a nice range of teas which come in loose leaf form. 

If I were you I wouldn't look further than the hen's eggs, avocado and sourdough toast. It's one of the classic combinations like strawberries and cream or tomato and basil. A match made in heaven. I stuck a sneaky piece of chorizo on the side of mine and the whole dish was an explosion of exceptional flavours and textures in my mouth.

It was one of those dishes that you don't want to end. Maybe it was my hunger, or the caffeine kicking into the bloodstream or a combination of both but I enjoyed that simple plate of food as much as any I've ever had in this city.

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They do a mean avocado on toast as well if you fancy something a little less heavy. Or if you are feeling a tad more adventurous their Turkish style eggs with yoghurt and chilli are another masterstroke.

The tables are communal and the wifi super fast which lends this place perfectly to spending the morning in a co-working environment. Add in friendly service and super tunes and you'll love the vibe in here. 

The simple things in life are often the hardest to execute and deliver well. North Tea Power prove that if you do those simple things well and focus on amazing produce you can be as good as anyone or anything else on the market. Superb. 

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