This Might Just Be The Best Chicken Sandwich In Manchester

Posh KFC my arse

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You have to be pretty confident to only put one item on a menu – fuck it up and you'll end up having no customers and no plan B.

Yard And Coop have put all their eggs in one basket (couldn't resist, sorry) and gone all in on chicken. Fried buttermilk chicken, to be precise, and the good news is that they nail it.

Located on Edge Street in the Northern Quarter, Yard And Coop is nestled between trendy bars, clubs and other restaurants that focus on the "bro food" that's made such a splash over the last few years.

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Although they open at lunchtime I'd suggest you come here in the evening.

You'll probably want to leave the car at home and have a few beers too, because that adds to the experience – with a large selection of bottled beers and a few decent ones on draft to help wash that spicy chicken down.

It's all fairly simple... you pick a type of chicken, a sauce and some sides.

They have a couple of veggie options but I'd be surprised if you ended up here as a vegetarian by choice and any decent friend would find somewhere else for you to dine. 

I went with the thighs because it's a far tastier piece of meat compared to the boring breasts that so many seem to plump for. The meat itself is well cooked and succulent, and the beauty is that the sauces allow you to make it as mild or as hot as you want.

Sort of like a posher, nicer Nandos. 

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The music is always pumping and the crowd shouting at the top of their voices to be heard gives this place an electric buzz nearly every night of the week.

It's the perfect place to catch up with a few friends after work and to throw a few beers into you or to line the belly before a night out in the local bars. 

You'll spend about £15 if you have some chicken, a side and a beer which is good value because the portion sizes are legendary. Dine here on the regular and you'll need a pair of fat pants – but as a treat every now and again you won't get anywhere better than Yard And Coop.

Never had a bad meal here and the place is always buzzing.

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