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This Manchester Cheeseboard Is Served With Six Different Flavours, Wine And Slices Of Cheesy Bread

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We can all agree that cheese is our whole entire life.

It’s a universal agreement.

There’s pretty much anything we’d do for the stuff.

So when we discovered The Whiskey Jar’s cheese board, we knew we had to try it.

The Whiskey Jar is located on Tariff Street in the Northern Quarter in what used to be a former mill, serving (not just whiskey, although there are 400 whiskeys to try), but a stunning cocktail menu and a selection of food dishes.

When we arrived, the sun was streaming in through one of the side windows and we found a table next to the old piano by the bar.

The Whiskey Jar is housed in a former mill

The atmosphere was perfect for an after work drink and snack (not too quiet, not too loud) and we were eager for the cheese cheese cheese.

It arrived quickly and on first impressions, it looked absolutely stunning.

Served in a wooden tray with cheese spilling over the sides, bread packed in their own little sections, and even servings of olive oil and balsamic vinegar for those who are used to the European way of eating bread, I was hooked.

The board houses three different cheeses of your choice

All of the cheese is locally sourced and comes with a selection of breads and crackers.

First of all, the cheese bread was one of the best things I’ve ever tasted. Two of my favourite things have been incorporated into one (from the carb Gods) and it went deliciously with the balsamic and oil combo.

It comes with grapes, crackers, oil and balsamic

I hadn’t realised how much I love grapes with cheese until now. The sweetness perfectly partnered the tanginess of the cheese and acted as little breaks in between all of the different flavours.

Flavours, of which there were SO many.

The Whiskey Jar serves their cheese board with wine, cocktails or whisky flight for £20

You can choose three cheeses from their menu, which features a Smoked Brie; Caramelised Red Onion Chutney & Red Wine; Jalepeno, Sundried Tomato & Chilli; Garlic, Sundried Tomato & Italian Herb; Blacksticks Blue; and a Creamy Lancashire.

Any extra cheeses cost £2 more, but tbh it’s so worth it.

And as a special offer, The Whiskey Jar also serves their cheese board with a bottle of wine, whisky flight or 2 cocktails for £20, which is an absolute bloody bargain.

The cheese board costs a tenner on its own, £20 with drinks

I really liked them all, but I’d recommend a combo of the Caramelised Red Onion Chutney & Red Wine and the Smoked Brie. Anything with red onion is usually my go-to, but this went so well with all the extras, especially the cheese bread.

The Jalepeno cheese was on the fiery side, as expected, but is perfect if you’re into the spicier flavours, and the brie was exactly what you’d expect from a brie – it’s reliable and a creamy respite from the stronger flavours.

There’s also an option to make the cheese board meaty, with a selection of deli meats available instead of the olives and grapes.

The Whiskey Jar serves their deli boards until 8pm on Sunday to Thursday, and until 7pm Friday and Saturday.

And we can’t wait to go back.

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