A World Class Brunch Experience That Even Suits Those "Eating Clean"

This Northern Quarter spot feels like something out of New York!


Evelyn’s is probably much smaller than most restaurants in Manchester but, thanks to the high roof and exposed ceilings, the room feels absolutely massive. 

It lends itself to brunch particularly well – and as you walk up the steps in this Northern Quarter establishment (they call it a restaurant, cafe and bar) it feels like stepping into New York. Everything about it, from the bustling room to the friendly, stylish staff through to the huge windows, make it feel like the Big Apple. 

Like most people, I have a lot of time for brunch. I mean, who doesn’t love huge portions, lots of fatty food, all washed down with copious amounts of alcohol? Quite frankly, it's a bit of a miracle that brunch took as long as it did to really take off on these shores. 

Having said all that, I don’t want to worship at the church of pork and vodka every single weekend and sometimes feel like a slightly healthier option while still getting to call it brunch. When that urge hits me, I head to Evelyn’s.

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The menu is small and neat, yet full of choice. Dishes like a bowl of avocado, greens and poached eggs give you that wonderful weekend feeling but would also keep an Olympic nutritionist on-side as well. 

For those looking for something slightly naughtier, the steak sandwich with shoestring fries is about as good as anything you’ll eat in Manchester and, like other things on the menu, doesn’t come dripping in grease in a Desperate Dan style portion that we often think of at brunch time. 

The coffee is good, the orange juice freshly squeezed and sitting there with an old-school newspaper instead of my phone I was as content as I could be at the weekend. The place does get busy and you’ll struggle to get in without a booking after about 10.30am at weekends but the wait is well worth it. 

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As you sit waiting on your food you can watch the chefs preparing it for you, which always fills me with confidence in terms of hygiene levels – one simple pick of the nose could have them in huge trouble. Walking down the little steps as happy a brunch camper as could be, the only surprise is when you see the streets of Manchester outside again and not New York. 

I’d eat pretty much every meal of the week here if I could afford it and lived nearby – it really is that good. 

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