A Proper Italian Deli With Amazing Food, Quick Service And Friendly Staff

Rustic Italian food exactly as it should be done


Lets start by calling a spade a spade and say that Italian food really isn’t the best in the world for you if you are on a health buzz or counting the calories.

Pizza, pasta and wine don’t tend to be on most dieticians eating plans for you – but sometimes you need to let loose and live la vita dolce and that is exactly what I had in mind when I walked into Salvi’s.

The big Desperate Dan slices of pizza in the counter are what likely catch the eye of those walking past, and they certainly are hard to ignore.

Pre-prepared food doesn’t do it for everybody but there is something comforting about seeing what you are going to eat in a few minutes and doing that pointing thing where you pick out what you think is the biggest portion to the server.

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Most of the dishes in here come for less than a fiver and you’ll probably be full after one slice of pizza, but I’d suggest two for those with a big appetite.

All the dishes are Italian – as were the staff I met on the day – and the wines and bottles of Aperol dotting the walls add to the atmosphere in a big way. You're right in the heart of Manchester here, but literally five seconds after stepping inside it feels like you're on your holidays. 

Nothing takes more than about 90 seconds to heat up which makes it the perfect spot for a lunch on the run, when you want something a little fancier than a sandwich.

They must have some sort of nuclear-powered super oven, because despite the short wait the food is always piping hot. Makes me wish I had a similar set up at home instead of waiting half an hour for tepid frozen pizza, but what can you do...

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The area is dotted with expensive high-end Italian restaurants like San Carlo and Grande Piccolo Cafe, which will cost you and arm and a leg and where you’ll have half a dozen people serving you.

Nothing wrong with those places, of course, but this is like a proper Italian deli where there are no airs and graces. The people behind this deli even have two other venues that do the more high-end stuff as well but this relaxed atmosphere suits us at lunch time perfectly.

Like a good English chipper serving amazing quick and tasty food done right with friendly service. 

For a quick and tasty Italian lunch in the city you could do an awful lot worse.

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