A Guinness Infused Burrito is Coming to Manchester

Would you eat a Guinnito?

Barburrito The Guinnito121

Manchester loves to celebrate St Patrick’s Day, so if you're celebrating in the city this year, there's a special unique snack coming your way.

Introducing The Guinnito - where Uber Eats has partnered with Barburrito to create a limited-edition Guinness infused burrito in time for Paddy's Day fun.

Rustled up to help all those Paddy’s (and Plastic Paddy’s) who battle with where to go, how much green to wear and how much Guinness to drink, at least they'll know what food they should be eating.

The food delivery app has partnered with Manchester's Barburrito to provide a taste of Ireland for St Patrick's Day celebration. But what exactly is in in?

The Guinnito is made up of  Guinness infused beef brisket, cooked in a spicy adobo sauce and wrapped up in your favourite burrito combination.

The menu will be available Friday 16th March – Sunday 18th March at both the Piccadilly Gardens brand, and the Deansgate branch. 

Don't go relying on this carbohydrate to soak up your ale. 

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