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Rory's offensively tasty Oreo and Baileys cheesecake

  • Orea Cookies - 120grams
  • Double Cream - 120 Mils
  • Cream Cheese - 1 Pack Of Plain Cream Cheese
  • Bailys - 2 Tbs Spoons
  • Poncy Chocolate Balls - A Scattering Of
  • Butter - 35 Grams Real Butter
  • Sugar - 4 Tbs (Or To You Own Taste)

Rory, you’re really not helping our whole health buzz mood but f*ck it, this looks too good to deny. Baileys AND Oreos, how you spoil us.


Step 1

Start with the base, separate the Oreos and get rid of that white shite in the middle - give it to the cat.

Step 2

Wazz up the Oreos in a blitzer, not to a dust, keep some texture in them.

Step 3

Melt the butter and combine it with the Oreos - this will form the base.

Step 4

Spoon the base into a kilner jar (or a jam jar...something interesting!)

Step 5

Push the Oreo mix down into the bottom of the jar to form the base and sling in the fridge for 10-15 minutes to firm up.

Step 6

Pour the cream into a large bowl and whip up to pretty stiff...Ron Jeremy Stiff. You need this to ensure the Cheese cake has body.

Step 7

Add the Baileys, sugar and cream cheese and combine well - taste the mix at this stage and add if you need to.

Step 8

Spoon the mix onto the now fairly solid base and spread it around to make a very defined line between base and cheese mix.

Step 9

Finish up by jamming a full Oreo into the top of the mix and a scattering of chocolate balls. This is a delicate dessert but it's completed manned-up in it's portion size!

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Lovin Manchester