El Gato Negro Have Unveiled Their Spooky Recipes For Halloween

Frighteningly tasty...


Popular King Street tapas joint El Gato Negro are certainly getting into the Halloween spirit with these amazing concoctions. 

The two new cocktails are sure to be a massive hit this weekend so make sure to head down and join in the fun.

If you can't make it fear not as here are the recipes for you to try at home!

The Black Cat's Eye


Ingredients: 50ml Pumpkin Bourbon15ml Maple Syrup1 Clove1 teaspoon Cinnamon Sugar30ml 1/2 & 1/2 (half milk, half double cream)1 small pinch of '5 spice' powder

Home Made Ingredients:

1. To make your pumpkin bourbon, find a Tupperware, or other vessel, get a packet of pumpkin seeds and some bourbon (although any dark spirit will do i.e. Scotch, Dark Rum, Brandy) place both in to your vessel and leave for 2 or 3 days. For added flavour, grind up the seeds.

2. Cinnamon Sugar - get 3 parts of sugar and mix with 1 part of ground cinnamon (if you prefer to use sugar syrup, add 2 parts of the cinnamon sugar you have just made to 1 part of hot water and stir until sugar has dissolved).


1. Add all ingredients in to a Boston shaker, or coffee flask if you don't possess bar kit

2. Stir for about 30 seconds without ice in order to help the sugar dissolve

3. Add as much ice as possible to your tin and give a good hard shake for about 10 seconds

4. Strain the drink in to a stemmed glass, with a coupe being the best option (wine glass will do!)

5. Finish off by serving it on a crisp, clean Amber leaf that's fallen straight off a tree, adding a minuscule pinch of cinnamon on top, accompanied by a fresh pear.

6. This drink can also be served warm, just add all the ingredients to a pan, keep on low heat and stir until the drink is warm.  Serve in a teacup with the same garnishes.

Autumn is always a sombre season.  Winter is drawing near, which means days are shortening and nights are getting colder.  Warm up your belly with this evening soother.  Mixing drinks at home is becoming easier and easier due to a great range of products becoming widely available to most people.  This drink will hopefully use a few ingredients that are knocking about in the corners of your spice cupboards, as well as one or two that will get your imagination going.  Creating drinks is all about memories and re-living experiences from days gone by. This often comes from flavours and aromas that we attribute to past experiences, just as this one will hopefully do for you! So, have a go at this drink, knock up a few for yourself, and watch autumn coast by!


The Pumpkin Reviver  



40ml Bushmill’s Black Bush Irish Whiskey

20ml Lustau Sweet Vermouth

25ml Pineapple and Fennel Shrub

10ml Egg White

2sp Squid Ink


Dry & wet shake before fine straining into a chilled cocktail coupe.


Garnish with blueberry powder.


So there you have it. Two fun and delicious spooky cocktails courtesy of El Gato Negro!

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