Apparently We've Been Making Cheese Toasties Wrong Our Whole Life

This one ingredient changes the game.


Cheese toasties are the most heavenly of all toasted bread sandwiches.

There's nothing like tucking into a melted, oozing cheese toastie any time of the day, but it turns out we may have been making them wrong all this time.

A controversial hack has been circling the internet after a food writer, Tristan Lutze wrote on Australian news site, that there is one thing we should add to make the 'perfect cheese toastie'.

And the answer is a coating of mayonnaise on the outside of the bread.


Tristan explained that adding mayonnaise instead of butter to the outside of the toastie will help the bread to brown more evenly and have the less chance of burning.

Mayonnaise won't split like butter will and you won't tear any holes in the bread when trying to spread it.

While some will dare not to try it, it could be pretty interesting.

What do you think? Mayo or no mayo?

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