4 Delicious Lunches You Can Make In The Office Microwave This Week

Limp salads - BE GONE!


Same old lunch, day in, day out?

Give yourself a break. You work hard, you deserve to be fed, and fed well, at that.

You'd be surprised at the amount of delicious items you can whip up in a microwave, so give some of these recipes a whirl this week...

1. Sweet potato and barley pilaf

So easy, so good for you, and all it takes is two minutes in the microwave to get it to its full potential. Make a whole vat of it and use it as a meal on its own, or a side dish for the next week.

Full recipe here.


2. Quick steam bag curry

The easiest and the best. Be the most smug person ever with your tasty lunch that will fill the office with hints of thai green curry and jealousy.

Full recipe here.


3. Seafood risotto

Get a few friends in work together and organise this decadent dish between all of you. Or else reduce the ingredients and scoff it all yourself. Or don't even bother reducing the ingredients. 

Either way, this one is a total winner and will leave you satisfied and chuffed with life until 5pm - full recipe here.


4. Turkey white bean chilli

Simple, healthy and easy to cook a big pot of to eat throughout the week. Gluten free, filled with loads of toppings of your choice, and wholly filling. Sign us up.

Full recipe here.


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