Pizza Hut And KFC Have Created The Ultimate Fast Food Mash-Up

Gravy and Popcorn Chicken on a Cheesy Bites pizza - could there be anything better?

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Any fast food lover will know that the two best items on the KFC menu is popcorn chicken and their gravy and mash tubs. That’s just plain facts.

Pizza Hut clearly agrees which is why they have teamed up with KFC to bring us the ULTIMATE fast food lover’s dream - The Gravy Supreme.

Basically, the Gravy Supreme is a cheesy bites pizza with KFC gravy as a base and popcorn chicken and sweetcorn as a topping.

It truly is a thing of beauty.

The Gravy Supreme was announced on both KFC and Pizza Hut social pages with KFC writing “Its #NationalPizzaDay and alongside @PizzaHutDeliver we’ve been concocting what can only be classified as a work of art.”

And we would have to agree.

I mean look at that cheese pull.

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Fast food fans were quick to comment with many people already trying to order the Limited Edition pizza.

At the time of writing, it is not certain if this concoction is actually available for purchase just yet, however, given the level of excitement surrounding the Gravy Supreme it would be crazy for it not to make an appearance on the menu sometime soon.

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