You Can Now Buy Pancake, Bacon and Maple Syrup Flavoured Gin

Maybe the weirdest and wonderful gin flavour we've ever come across

Pancake Gin

There has been an influx of weird and wonderful alcohol flavours in the last year, but nothing quite like this one.

If you're a fan of a good ole fashioned American breakfast then you'll be happy to hear Sweet Little has the perfect gin for you.

Pancake, Maple Syrup & Bacon Gin Liqueur from Sweet Little is part of their #MAGA (Make Alcohol Great Again) limited edition range.

Image: Sweet Little

The gin boasts all American flavours, including those you'd expect to find in a big ole breakfast from the big ole US of A.

Sweet Little says this breakfast-style gin goes well with the following mixers: lemonade, tonic water, or prosecco. But you can drink it any way you fancy, even neat.

Imagine the cocktails! A 50cl bottle from Sweet Little costs £12.99.

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