OMG - Pizza Hut Are Now Delivering Beer And Wine

Pizza Hut over here in 3017


You know the really cba cooking or going to the shop so you convince your housemate to order a pizza (win!)

Then the sad realisation settles in that you have no booze in the house and have to trek to the shop anyway (fail!)

Enter Pizza Hut to save the day.

They recently announced that they'll offer beer and wine deliveries to customers along with their pizza.

Whether it's a meat feast with a merlot or the BBQ base with an ice cold beer, you'll be able to have both without having to move from the sofa- except to answer the door.'s the dream!

People are understandably excited:

Unfortunately they're only trailing alcohol delivery in Phoenix, Arizona at the moment *sob*

But Pizza Hut said it wants to expand soon, so it won't be long til you can crack open a cold one while you tuck into a pizza pie.

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