Now Subway Are Serving Up Special Valentine's Meals For You And Bae

What is the world coming to?


First Greggs announced they were going to create a special valentine's menu, then McDonald's joined in. 

It seems (somehow) we've gone from the big V-day being all about lavishing your significant other with high-end dining to sitting them at a crumb-laden table at the nearest highstreet food chain.

Subway are the latest store to announce a special valentine's treat for their customers and have stepped up the game in a bid to challenge their competitors.

Not only are they opening their doors to the cheapskates who's idea of romance is a meatball marinara prepared by a pizza-faced teen, they're offering their 6-inch subs as buy-one-get-one-free. A penny-pincher's dream!

I don't know, maybe they envisioned loved up couples everywhere leaning across tables, smushing tuna melts into each other's faces... dreamy.

Maybe you'll even have enough change left over to do something really romantic like- I don't know- play penny falls at Nobles? Get the met back home? 

Having said that, if bae's attempt at cooking a three-course dinner goes t*ts up- having a steak and cheese isn't a bad back up.

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