A New City Centre Coffee Pop Up Is Launching Tomorrow

Sounds like the perfect pick me up...


If you've ever felt knackered at a festival and needed a quick caffeine fix, chances are you're familiar with Little Espresso Company. 

Since launching in September 2014, they've been a fixture at music events and artisan markets in the Greater Manchester area and now they're set to take up a permanent residence in the city centre. 

Opening outside Manchester One on Portland Street, this Monday November 21st, the new prides itself on supporting local businesses. They use coffee brewed in Ancoats at Royal Mills and Brew Tea Co loose leaf tea which is a local Manchester company based in Trafford.

The company is also really passionate about the effects of their business operations on the planet. Discounts are offered to patrons using their own cups. 

What's more, Little Espresso is part of the ‘suspended coffee’ scheme where customers can prepay for a coffee which is then held for somebody that may need it later for whatever reason. The perfect opportunity to help out a friend who is heading into the city later on!


To celebrate the new residency, Little Espresso will be knocking 50% off all their hot drinks starting with Monday's launch.

The offers won't end there with loyalty cards and student discounts to be handed out after this period. 


Great news for all Mancunian coffee lovers. We can't wait to get down there!

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