Manchester Restaurant Set To Launch New Creepy Crawly Menu

Tarantulas and grasshoppers aplenty...


These guys have certainly found a unique new way to bug their clientele. 

Northern Quarter restaurant Favelas are set to launch a menu with a difference this week. 

Usually known for their succulent burgers and steaks, the Brazilian joint on Hilton Street are set to introduce crunchy creepy crawlies to their impressive list of options. 

Salted caramel grasshoppers, tarantula burgers and chilli & garlic rhino beetles are just some of the interesting new editions which will be launched with a full Brazilian party this Friday November 25th. 

Listing the reasons why people should give their new delicacies a try, the restaurant says on its Facebook event page

"With huge proven health, ecological & world economic impacts, more protein gram for gram than beef and a lower carbon footprints than ALL livestock...It's those bugs and insects that are looking likely to be the answer to feeding the world's rising population.Why not? It's only a social stigma we have to overcome. It's not like that's hard...Well maybe so but we have masses of faith in our tasty insect friends."


What do you think? Will you be sampling the unusual new cuisine? Sounds like a fun way to freak out an entomophobic friend to us!

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