Manchester Confidential's 'Gordo' To Debate Restaurant Tipping On BBC Breakfast

It's the hot topic of the moment

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If you eat out, chances are you tip your server because they have done a good job.

But the news has been full of stories recently where the service charge you decide to leave has actually bypassed the waitstaff - and gone straight to the pocket of the management.

Now one of the leading lights of the Manchester food scene is set to debate the finer points of where your tips go on the BBC Breakfast sofa.

Gordo, AKA Mark Garner of Manchester Confidential, tweeted on Friday that he had been asked to discuss the thorny issue.

"Restaurants and tipping; what's your opinion as a diner?"

He then asked his followers to say whether they felt that the tips were for the staff or the management should be allowed to take a percentage.

There was some fiery debate on his Twitter feed from both sides of the argument.

Tune into BBC Breakfast between 6am and 10am on Saturday January 6 to find out what Gordo has to say.

Last month, former MasterChef judge and Le Gavroche chef Michel Roux Jr admitted that his restaurant staff were given no share of the service charge.

The TV foodie who had previously apologised for not paying minimum wage says charge at the swanky Michelin-starred eatery in London is treated ‘as revenue’.

The 13% service charge added to the meals - including to the fixed price menu with wine which costs £212 a person - reportedly netted Le Gavroche thousands.

The Guardian reported last month that a spokeswoman said: “Gratuities form just one part of the payroll each month. Service charge is treated as revenue, and the restaurant pays all taxes accordingly.”

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