Here's Where You Should 100% Go For Drinks In Manchester Today

Get out there and enjoy the sun while you can...


Manchester does pubs, bars and restaurants better than any other city: they’re cosy, warm (in temperature and character) and some are world-renowned.

Of course we're a tad biased but basically they’re the kind of places anyone in their right mind would enjoy passing an evening tucked away inside.

But when better weather arrives and this ecosystem is disturbed, suddenly, sitting outside with your drinks is no longer a brave statement – it's the only thing your heart could ever desire. And while our city can’t compete with the swish rooftop terraces of many other capital cities, we don't do a half-bad job of it either.

It's 20-odd degrees out there right now, which means straight to pub garden!

If you're struggling, here's where you should go...

1. Terrace NQ

Impressively detailed décor, a great city centre location and a fantastic selection of drinks make Terrace a great meeting spot. Topping it all off is its own allotment come beer garden.

The bar feels so welcoming and indeed like an important neighbourhood spot, is perfectly in-sync with the local urban environment.

2. Hold Fast

Just a hop, skip and a jump from Terrace - Hold Fast is tons of fun later in the night when the weather turns too cold for comfort. With great drinks, free food and games - it's the perfect spot for a Friday night chill out or the start of a super cool Northern Quarter bar crawl.

3. Dukes 92

One of the most famous outdoor bars in Manchester, Dukes 92 has a great canal side location and some real party vibes when the sun goes down.

4. The Didsbury

The Didsbury pub has a massive outdoor seating area, perfect for catching some rays whilst enjoying a pint. They're also dog friendly, and there's the stunning Fletcher Moss gardens just a stone's throw away in case you fancied a walk in the sun.

5. The Wharf

One of the first places that many people think of when heading out into the sun. There are stunning views, water nearby and plenty of drinks flowing to keep you happy. A wonderful place to while away a few hours.

6. Big Hands

If you fancy a little courtyard terrace with views down Oxford Road, then you should spend your evening at Big Hands. It's especially atmospheric when the sun goes down and the fairy lights come out.

7. Sinclair’s Oyster Bar

One of the most iconic pubs, not just in Manchester, but in the entire UK. A haven for tourists, football fans or anybody visiting the city - but that shouldn't put off locals visiting either. Wonderful for people watching.

(Feature Credit: The Wharf / Terrace NQ / Facebook)

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