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Here Are 5 Gorgeous Places To Eat Lunch On Your Own In Manchester

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How many times have you been STARVING in town but you’ve been too petrified to go sit somewhere alone? 

More often than not, you end up waiting the hunger out or buying something unsatisfactory. Well, have we got news for you…

There are tonnes of places in Manchester that are just right for all you singular lunchers who want a delicious fix. Here are some of our best picks…

5. Ezra & Gil

Ezra’s one of the most low-key cafés in the city and it serves some of the best sandwiches in town!

There are benches and stools at the windows with plenty of sockets if you need to catch up on a bit of work with great views.

The perfect way to get in your daily people-watching as you tuck into a hearty meal.

4. The Earth Cafe

A great spot for foodies who are trying to keep their wallets and waistlines in check.

It’s cosy and super-friendly so it’s the perfect place to go if you want to have a fantastic meal all by yourself, without anyone trying to nab some of your food! 

Note: it’s cash only!

3. Pot Kettle Black

The cool cafe, located in Barton Arcade, is renowned for its excellent coffee and communal tables. The place is always full of life and serves up some super tasty salads and soups (not to mention their amazing eggs.)

Comfortable, quality place with plenty of instagram opportunity.

2. Common

Underrated in our opinion, which is a shame because it has some of the best, honest grub in the Northern Quarter. 

It’s usually busting with people eating on their own at lunch-time so you’ll fit right in.

It also has some of the tastiest dishes around, including their famous KFC korean-fried chicken burger with kimchi. Upgrade to sweet potato fries if you’re going all out – it’s worth it.

This is one to put on your list for the next time your friend bails on your lunch plans.

1. Sugar Junction

I’ve been here a few times recently to work and the staff could not be friendlier. Super chilled so you don’t feel rushed or awkward and they serve the best cake in Manchester (I highly, highly recommend the Tib Street brownie.)

The savoury dishes are a sight for sore eyes as well…

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