Gross - Nutella And Pasta Is Making Its Way Onto Dinner Plates

For realz

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Hells yeah, we love Nutella.

And carb-loading with pasta is a total given, especially before we run... for a bus.

But FFS, who in the devil says they should go together?

Australia's Carosello restaurant has unleashed a dish smothered with the chocolate spread, and is joined by fellow eatery Tella Balls Dessert Bar - a Nutella-themed restaurant - in offering the dietary hybrid.

Carosello posted on Instagram: "Did someone say, 'Nutella Pasta'?

"In celebration of 'World Pasta Day' on October 25, we're releasing a limited edition Nutella pasta.⠀"

"It features chocolate pasta, covered in a Nutella sauce spiked with Frangelico; it’s dusted with white chocolate ‘parmesan’ and topped with raspberries, almond flakes and mint."

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