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Greggs Throw Caution To The Wind And Tease A New ‘Ham And Pineapple Bake’

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The folks over at Greggs are clearly fans of sparking online controversy of late.

After shocking fans with the announcement of their new Vegan sausage roll, Greggs have once again thrown caution to the wind with the teaser of their new ‘Ham and Pineapple Bake’.

If you have been living under a rock the past few years, you may have missed the debate that continues to rage both online and over the dinner table – is it acceptable to have the ham and pineapple, otherwise known as the ‘Hawaiian’, on a pizza.

The issue is like marmite – you either complete agree and believe it’s a glorious combination thought up by the Gods OR you detest even the idea of pineapple on pizza and would rather never eat pizza ever again than touch one corrupted by the yellow fruit.

I for one am on #teampineapple (fight me!).

However, the sheer possibility of Greggs getting involved in the pizza topping drama has sparked furious discussion on Twitter.

It all stems from a Tweet from Greggs that insinuates that they will be introducing the new bake. The caption that accompanies the Tweet reads: “If you could invent a new bake with ANY filling, what would you choose?”.

As of yet, there is no confirmation that the “Ham and Pineapple Bake” even, or will ever, exist.

But that has not stopped punters on Twitter from putting their two cents in.

However, there are those who have jumped to the defence of the classic Ham and Pineapple combo.

Whether or not the ‘Ham and Pineapple’ bake will ever become a reality remains to be seen, however, I’m sure Piers Morgan will have something to say about it if it does.

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